Mobile developer
Gadget geek
UX enthusiast
Lover of pure functions


I've been making all kinds of software and apps since I wrote my first lines of code over 10 years ago. It was in 2011 however I really started getting into programming and I made my first iPhone app.

Since then I've developed apps for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Android, using Appcelerator Titanium, Javascript, Swift, C#, Xamarin and .Net.

Not leaving any stone unturned, I've also dabbled in web development and published web sites both for fun and for others.

Recently I've also started focusing on getting my consultancy off the ground. I'm hoping to live off the code I write, and KodeFisk is my first step towards that.


May 2017 - WebDev Sørlandet

March 2017 - WebDev Sørlandet